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Water Damage

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Don’t feel bad! You are not alone. Many people don’t realize that cell phones are very sensitive and any water, liquid, sweat, humidity over time can cause the cellphone to short out and damage the electronics on the phone causing it to malfunction.

We fix all cell phone Liquid and Moisture Damage problems including but not limited to:

  • Liquid Damage
  • Phone Got Wet
  • Hot Tub or Shower Moisture Damage
  • Accidentally Washed Phone in the Washing Machine
  • Spilled Coffee, Soda, Water on your Phone
  • Jumped in the Pool with the phone in your Pocket
  • Baby was Chewing on the Phone and now it doesn’t work

What sets us apart from others :

    1. We carry over 10K unique cell phone part skus in stock allowing us to repair your phone in the shortest amount of time.
    2. Most of our parts are Original Genuine factory parts and the highest quality available to ensure longevity of the repair performed.
    3. Our cell phone repair technicians are highly experienced & attend regular training on new phone models to stay up to date.
    4. Repair status updates are emailed to you regularly and can be accessed on our website 24 Hours per day, 7 Days per week.

All we do is cell phone repair and we promise to take great care of your phone.

Water or any kind of liquid is like a cancer to your cell phone. The particles and minerals in the liquid start to eat away and short out the components of the cell phone and this results in all kinds of problems and symptoms with the cell phone. As soon as you get any liquid on your cellular phone, immediately remove the battery and send the cell phone to us for cleaning. Resist the urge to put the battery back in or to plug the cell phone into the charger to see if it still works. The sooner you get your cellular phone to us the better chance of us being able to fix your cell phone and saving the precious data such as phone book, pictures, videos etc… that is stored in the cell phone. Do NOT under any circumstances put the battery back in the cell phone or plug it into the charger.

Water or liquid damaged cell phone:
There are many ways for water to get inside your phone. A lot of our daily tasks involve water such as; washing our face and hands in the morning and several times during the day, brushing our teeth, drinking water all day long and the list goes on. What most of us don’t realize or pay attention to is that our cell phones these days travel with us to places that no one else does therefore little by little drops of water or moisture get inside the phone. Usually these drops dry before causing any damage but sometimes it’s more than the cellular phone can handle and causes problems.

Cellular phone got wet:
We see a lot of accidental ways that customers describe getting their cell phone wet. Sometimes they don’t even realize how it has been exposed to moisture; “My cell phone was in my purse along with my water bottle and the bottle spilled on the phone. I went jogging and the phone was attached to my body or better yet I was running on the treadmill while talking on the phone and the sweat from my face went into the phone.” To some of us, these are crazy ways to damage our cell phone but over time these routines will build up and corrode inside your phone and cause it to malfunction.

Moisture damage from hot tub or shower:
This is probably one of the most frequent causes of moisture damage to cell phones which people don’t even realize. If you are like most people, your cell phone goes every where with you and that includes the bathroom or Jacuzzi hot tub. These are very easy ways to cause moisture damage to your phone even if you think that there is no direct water contact to your phone because it’s a couple of feet away. Taking a long shower or sitting in a steaming hot tub with your phone in the room or near by will damage your cellphone. The moisture accumulating in the room will find it’s way into the cracks of the phone and over time will cause the inner metal contacts of the phone to short and cause your cellular phone to start acting up.

Accidentally washed cell phone in the washing machine:
Yes it’s probably happened to most of us at one time or another. We get home and are too tired to empty the content of our shirt or pants pockets. Next thing you know someone is kind enough to wash our dirty clothes and forgets to look in the pocket. All of the sudden you hear this clunking sound coming from the laundry room and it clicks in your head that you don’t have your cell phone. Yep you guessed it, your phone has taken a bath. This is probably one of the worse ways to damage your cell phone but we have had success repairing washing machined cell phones also.

Spilled coffee, soda, water on your cellular phone:
We see so many of these cases. You are having your morning cup of joe and checking your text messages and your cell phone slides out of your hand and lands in your coffee or tea cup. You’re on your lunch break and it’s the first time you have had all day to look at your cell phone and all of the sudden you are distracted and drop the phone and it lands in the food or the soda cup. Better yet you have your cell phone just sitting on the lunch table and your ice cold drink close by and when you finish your lunch you realize that the sweat from your cold drink has found it’s way to your cell phone.

Jumped in the pool and forgot my cell phone in my pocket:
Ouch! It’s summer time and you just got a new cell phone. You’re hanging out by the pool and accidentally fall in or get pushed in as a joke by one of your friends not realizing your new cell phone is still in your pocket.

Baby was chewing on the cellphone and now it doesn’t work:
All parents with baby’s and younger children can relate to this. Your child is crying and you have tried everything including the baby toys, pacifier etc… Finally as a last resort you press the buttons on your phone and show the cell phone lights to your baby and he or she quiets down and ends up taking the phone as a toy. When you get it back it no longer works or shuts on & off on it’s own or does crazy things. Yes it is considered water damaged since the baby probably put it in his or her mouth and the saliva started to go inside the cellular phone causing it to short.

The above descriptions are only the most common examples of cell phone water damage. There are many ways for moisture to find it’s way inside your cellphone and start to cause havoc. No matter how little moisture or liquid has found it’s way inside your cellular phone the best thing you can do is have us clean it out as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get to the main circuitry and damage the phone beyond repair. Most times after a cell phone has been exposed to liquid or water it will still continue to work for a short time. But by inserting the battery in the cell phone and powering it on you run the risk of burning out the many small circuit boards and components inside the cell phone and permanently damaging it.

You are purchasing a repair and evaluation service for your liquid damaged cell phone. This service does not include any replacement parts. If any parts are required to complete the repair of your cellphone, you will be contacted by email and asked to purchase the part so that we may complete the repair. Due to the nature of liquid damage, it is impossible to predict how long the phone will continue to work and there is no warranty offered on liquid damaged phones. Once we receive and process your cell phone into our system this fee will no longer be refundable.

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