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Touch screen repair

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Boltech Limited is the Leading National Authorized Cell Phone Repair Center directly serving the public.

We fix all cell phone Touch Screen Window Lens problems including but not limited to:

Cracked Touchscreen Repair
Shattered Top Screen Layer Repair
Broken Front Glass Digitizer Repair
Touch Screen Insensitivity Repairs
Top Screen Not Responding To Touch Repair
What sets us apart from others :

We carry over 10K unique cell phone part skus in stock allowing us to repair your phone in the shortest amount of time.
Most of our parts are Original Genuine factory parts and the highest quality available to ensure longevity of the repair performed.
Our cell phone repair technicians are highly experienced & attend regular training on new phone models to stay up to date.
Repair status updates are emailed to you regularly and can be accessed on our website 24 Hours per day, 7 Days per week.
All we do is cell phone repair and we promise to take great care of your phone.

Cracked Cell Phone Touchscreen Repair:
This is the outer front glass touch screen usually on a pda or smart phone. The touch screen is located above the lcd screen. You should still be able to see and read the information on the screen because this is the top layer that is cracked.

Shattered Cell Phone Top Screen Layer Repair:
Similar to the above description this is the window lens glass located above the lcd display screen. This may or may not be a touch screen pda or smart phone.

Broken Front Glass Digitizer Cellular Phone Repair:
Cell phone digitizer is another description for cellular phone touch screen. When you have a touch screen phone the upper layer is called the touch screen digitizer, due to the reason that it digitizes your touch and translates it.

Cell Phone Touch Screen Insensitivity Repairs:
Some times due to wear and tear the touch screen digitizer does not accept information as easily as it should. This is usually a cell phone that has high usage and the touch screen has worn out. It could also be that the digitizer is not calibrated so it is not lining up properly.

Cellular Phone Top Screen Not Responding to Touch Repair:
Similar to the above description this may be due to a tear in the cable connecting the digitizer to the cell phone or it has simply run it’s course and must be replaced.

The above descriptions may seem like they all simply need the Top Glass Touch Screen replaced, but the problem could be caused by other things. We highly recommend purchasing this Repair Service and sending us your cell phone, so that one of our factory trained technicians can diagnose your cellular phone and find the exact cause of the problem. Once that has been determined, you will be contacted before we proceed with the repair of your cellphone. Parts are not included with this service.

You are purchasing a repair and evaluation service for your cell phone lcd display screen. This service does not include any replacement parts. If any parts are required to complete the repair of your cellphone, you will be contacted by email and asked to purchase the part so that we may complete the repair. We cannot in good faith guarantee that your cell phone is repairable without performing a full diagnostic on your phone. Once we receive and process your cell phone into our system this fee will no longer be refundable

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